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Anne Neumann

Anne Waldron Neumann

Jane Austen, said Virginia Woolf, is the hardest of all great writers to catch in the act of greatness. I agree!

But I’ve been studying Austen for 30 years. In particular, I’ve read much of what Austen would have read, especially the eighteenth-century novels that preceded hers. And I’ve read lots of theories of how narratives like Austen’s work. I believe I know some of her secrets.

I’d like to share those secrets with you. And I’d like to hear your views.

My name is Anne Waldron Neumann. I earned a Ph.D. in English literature from the Johns Hopkins University with a dissertation on Jane Austen. I’ve taught courses on Austen at several universities, and I’ve published scholarly articles on Austen and her predecessors.

I’ve also published a dozen short stories.

My first book, Should You Read Shakespeare? Literature, Popular Culture, and Morality, included a chapter on Austen. And I’m currently completing a second book, Reading and Writing with Jane Austen, which both analyzes Austen’s novels for general readers and suggests what fiction writers can still learn from Austen’s writing techniques.

So, if you’d like to learn more about Austen’s meanings or her writing methods, please use my contact form to suggest a question of your own or answer someone else’s!